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Slot Redfish

man holding fish in front

Slot REDFISH in the August HEAT
14 August 2019

One last chance to take my son fishing before he heads back to college at UCF—we made some memories this morning! The forecast was 97 degrees with heat warning and 50% chance of rain. Glad we ignored the weather-guessers. It was hot, but the Bay was glassy with clear, moving water.
After filling both live-wells with Menhaden, Hunter and I pitched live, nose-hooked baits on #1 Owner’s Mutu Light Circle Hooks. 12lb. braid tipped with 15lb. mono and 20lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader. We added 1/16th oz weight for casting.
Targeting docks with boat lifts near grass-flats before the sun escaped the trees, we had fish in the boat nearly every cast. Smaller fish at first, but the larger Reds showed up as the morning progressed. Mangrove Snapper and Trout were eating too!
The bite slowed down around 1000 and we headed to deeper pot-holes I have mapped on my Simrad thanks to ISLA imaging. We finished up at 11am with three more 20” Redfish. We released all of our fish for the next angler to enjoy.
An epic day to motivate Hunter to make great grades on his journey to Med School.
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